Our range of services are from beginning to end, but depending on how long you are in your (the project) process, we can pick up wherever you need us to. In our initial contact (by mail) we will need basic information from you about your project, and also get to know you a bit. Please be prepared to answer one, or all of these questions:

1. What kind of service are you looking for?

2. Do you need help with mixing (music) / artwork (advertisement, merchandise) / mastering (music) / recording (technician, musician) / photography (photo shoot, LIVE photography, retouch) / editing (design documents, lyrics) / promotion / marketing, or anything else?

3. Do you need help from the whole team, or individual members of our network; if yes, which member?

4. Can you supply us with your project brief (project outline), or do you need help creating one?

5. Are you the spokesperson of your project, or are there any other individuals that need to communicate with us; if yes, please organize a list of these.

6. What is your timeframe for the project, can you inform us about your deadline?

7. In which country do you recide?

8. Can you let us know about your expectations of our services, your project budget?

IMPORTANT INFO: To be able to hire NOTERIOUS for any project, it is crucial that you as an artist / label / client – have a VAT-registered account in your country. Each member of our network sends invoiced individually. Please take the time to read this information from the Swedish Tax Authorities if you have any questions:

LARS CHRISS AND MIKE LIND handle everything that regard mixing and mastering. They have worked on numerous projects together and know how to make an album sound outstanding.

C.A. BECKSTON handles everything that regards artwork creation. He works on a daily basis with CD-cover illustrations, brand- and logo designs, booklet- and layout design; book covers, movie posters, merchandise, advertisements for magazines or social media. He uses PC and Adobe Software exclusively.

TALLEE SAVAGE handles everything that has to do with photography. She uses:

– NIKON 24-70 / 70-200 / WIDE ANGLE 14-24 / MACRO 105 F2,8 LENSES

THERESE WIDENFJORD handles everything textual. She works as an editor and masters language (Swedish / English) and is meticulous in everything she does. She is an expert proofreader and creates “design documents” (she gathers all the textual info for your project, e.g. credits, lyrics) – which is needed for the layout / design of your project.

For more detailed presentations, please visit our “TEAM“-page.


1. Where is NOTERIOUS based?

ANSWER: The network is located in different parts of Sweden. LARS CHRISS and TALLEE SAVAGE are based in Stockholm, where mixing and photography can be done. NOTE: TALLEE is also an experienced LIVE photographer and can travel to selected shows if needed. MIKE LIND works in different cities. CARL BLEKKMARK and THERESE WIDENFJORD are based in Malmoe / Lund.

2. How much does your services cost?

ANSWER: We can’t answer that in advance. We need to read your project brief, but would also like to know about your budget. Prices also depend on who you are going to work with, and what you need for your project.

3. Do you only work with famous people?

ANSWER: No. We work with- and for anybody that has a passion for the art or project.